How can fir oil be used?

Essential oil of fir is a valuable medicinal product, which is extracted from the needles of a small but beautiful representative of coniferous trees, fir. For some reason, it is used much less than, for example, pine or spruce, although fir oil boasts unique properties similar to which you will not find in any other similar product.

Essential oil is extracted by distilling green needles, young branches and tree fruits, that is, cones. The Siberian or white fir oils are considered the most valuable and useful. Basically, these species are common in the Carpathian, Ukrainian forest-steppe, as well as in Siberia.

As you probably know, pine trees, to which fir belongs, grow in conditions of exceptionally clean air, which means that fir oil is an absolutely pure product.

Hippocrates spoke about the healing properties of this product in his teachings, and it has been known about its use for medicinal purposes since the times of Ancient Russia,where it was actively used for the treatment and disinfection of cuts and open wounds, as well as for the treatment of coughs and colds.

Today, this oil is used as an independent product for medical purposes and not only, but also as a raw material for the production of camphor.

Characteristics and composition

Externally, fir oil is a colorless or slightly yellowish liquid that has a flowing consistency and a pleasantly refreshing pine aroma. Due to its unique composition with active antibacterial components, such an oil can be stored for a very long time, while not losing its healing properties.

The aroma of fir oil - one of the most tonic and affecting the emotional sphere of their existing. That is why in aromatherapy it is often used to restore the psycho-emotional state, get rid of obsessive and restless thoughts, and also to restore the body after serious nervous stress.

The composition of fir oil includes about 35 different compounds, each of which has a beneficial effect on the health and strength of the human body.Have you ever noticed that a good walk in the coniferous forest is not only not tiring, it is also able to add strength, there is a feeling of lightness and vigor?

All this is due to the unique composition, which is able to fight viruses and bacteria, rod-shaped organisms, staphylococci and other microorganisms that interfere with our health and mood.

It contains ascorbic acid, tannins, tocopherols, carotene and many other biologically active compounds. Thanks to them, fir product is a powerful preventive and curative remedy for colds, flu, acute respiratory infections, bronchopulmonary pathologies and many others.

This tool also has valuable cosmetic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant properties, the secrets of which mankind has been successfully using for more than one century. Such a product is recommended to take to normalize cardiovascular activity, as well as to maintain the overall physical shape of the body.

An interesting fact is that it is indispensable for those who suffer with constant pressure surges: oil increases low blood pressure and, conversely, lowers high blood pressure. And for those with pressure everything is normal - absolutely does not change it.


The use of such a product is carried out, both internally and externally, most often in the form of inhalation or as a component to create balms and oils. Using external use, first of all, wounds, cuts and scratches are disinfected, as it prevents the suppuration of open wounds.

Fir oil is suitable for the treatment of many skin diseases and rashes, including acne. Mixing fir oil and melted goose or pork fat, get healing ointment, which effectively cope with the treatment of eczema, festering wounds and skin ulcers.

It also treats osteochondrosis, sciatica and polyarthritis: the oil penetrates into the joints, improves the microcirculation of the lymph and blood in them, which helps to restore the nutrition of cartilage tissues and relieves pain syndromes.

At home, it is very convenient, pleasant and, importantly, it is useful to take baths with the effect of aromatherapy, which is an excellent prevention of the common cold, cough, sore throat, as well as other colds and viral diseases.

To do this, just dial a hot bath and drop a couple of drops of fir oil into it, and then lie in it for 15 minutes.This procedure is not only the prevention of diseases, but also soothes the nervous system, relieves stress and fatigue, improves immunity and provides an influx of forces.

And even more - regular aromatic baths increase skin tone, relieve small wrinkles, improve silhouette and are excellent prevention of gynecological diseases.

Application in cosmetology

Fir oil is actively used to solve many cosmetic problems, allows you to cope with skin problems: ulcers, scabies, psoriasis, eczema and other skin irritations. Also, this product is effective against the fight against cellulite: it is enough to rub a few drops of oil into the problem areas to enhance the effect, with it you can carry out massages.

Due to the sweet smell of fir oil, it is often used to create perfumes and other aromatic products. With it, you can remove lice from the hair, it is also important to remember that this product is not suitable for regular skin care, it can only be used to treat specific problems.

Also, do not forget about contraindications: it can not be used during pregnancy, as well as taken inside in the presence of peptic ulcers and gastritis.Fir oils in their pure form can not be applied to the skin, it must be diluted with another vegetable base or taken with a thick vehicle (jam, honey, etc.).

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