How can I use embroidery in the interior?

Embroidery is a great way to decorate the interior! But how exactly to use it? There are a lot of options, and you will be convinced of this.

Benefits of embroidery

Many do not perceive embroidery as a modern way of decor, and in vain: designers turn to it more and more often, because, as you know, everything new is a well-forgotten old. And this decoration option has several advantages:

  • Many variations. If you have imagined a cross-stitch, this is just one of many options. Firstly, there are other techniques, and secondly, even the simplest and most accessible to beginners embroidery will create something interesting and creative, which is once again proved by numerous examples and photos from fashion magazines about interior design.
  • Embroidery fits into most of the existing styles, such as chic rococo and baroque, discreet classical, refined English, simple country, romantic Provence, original ethnic and many others used to design modern interiors.
  • This is a great and budget way to update, refresh, complement and refine the interior.
  • Having mastered some skills, you will be able to create a stylish element of decor.
  • Jewelry can be original and exclusive.
  • Embroidery can be used to decorate absolutely any room: kitchen, corridor, living room, nursery, bedroom and even a bathroom.

Use cases

Embroidery in the interior is not just a cute decor, and sometimes a bright and original design accent, its stylish highlight. And to emphasize the features of style and refresh the interior, choose the appropriate use case.

Interesting ideas:

  1. Embroidered paintings. And they not only replace the picturesque ones, but sometimes they look even more interesting, volumetric and elegant. You can embroider still lifes, portraits, illustrations from books, reproductions of masterpieces of art, scenes or entire plots. You can also create a composition of several accessories.
  2. In the bedroom, the center is the bed, and if you select it with the help of an elegant bedspread, it will definitely become the accent of this room. And for the decor, you can use embroidery. And before bed lay embroidered rug.
  3. Small soft pillows give comfort, and if they are decorated with embroidery, they can become bright accessories.
  4. If the facades of furniture have lost their appeal, then try to cover them with an embroidered cloth.
  5. If you decide to freshen up the interior of the living room, then expand the cover and cover it with an outdated or annoying sofa. And in addition, make embroidered covers or mini bedspreads for chairs to create an exclusive kit or colorful composition.
  6. Try decorating with photo frames.
  7. To transform the kitchen, you can decorate textile accessories, such as cloth napkins, potholders, tablecloths, towels, covers for stools or chairs.
  8. If you have an old watch with a darkened or burned from the time dial, then update it, making it with the help of embroidered fabric.
  9. Decorate with any embroidery lamp with textile shade.
  10. For storing jewelry, you can use a box covered with an embroidered cloth. This homemade casket will take its special place on the dressing table.
  11. Sow the tulle, and it will acquire an incredible charm and become like a veil.


To make embroidery harmoniously fit into the design, follow the tips:

  • Consider the style in which the interior is designed to avoid a sense of disharmony. For example, complex pictures of silk threads are appropriate in chic interiors, simple elements will complement the direction of country cross, interesting ornaments will give a special charm to the ethnic style, and abstract prints should be used in modern and creatively decorated rooms.
  • Keep the product clean, as the decor loses its appeal as it gets dirty and begins to look sloppy.
  • Although this is a universal and not a fanciful element of decor, it is not necessary to overdo it, otherwise the room will look like a hut or a room, which is not always appropriate.

Feel free to use embroidery for decoration of any interiors!

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