How do children relate to parents

Small children love their parents, whatever they are. Comprehension of the environment comes later - at the age of six - seven years. Up to this point, the child continues to respect and appreciate even the most emotionally cold, callous parents just because they are with him as much as he remembers.
At the age of six to seven, when the need for social intercourse increases, the child begins to learn that there are other families in which children truly love children. He communicates with friends and classmates, who tell him about what kind and good parents they like and like their children. The child begins to compare the behavior of relatives of friends with their own mom and dad. And the comparison is often not in favor of relatives. Then the child is trying to figure out why it happened.
When a child tries to find out from adults why they treat him so coldly or harshly, he cannot precisely formulate questions, therefore he asks guides.For example, “why did you give birth to me”, “what would you do if I were not”, etc. Such and similar questions should alert loving parents. Because, based on the answers, the child builds its further attitude towards parents.
After rethinking the situation when unconscious love turns into or does not become conscious, the child begins another communication with his parents. If the kid is convinced that he is loved and appreciated, he becomes imbued with trust in his relatives, dedicates them to all his problems, asks for help. If the child realizes that the parents treat him not too warmly, performing their duties only because there is no one else to do this, and not out of love for his own child, he closes himself. The kid no longer shows his mom and dad that they are his beloved, begins to behave in isolation, or, conversely, be rude. All this is done in order to cause at least some emotion in your loved ones, which may make it clear that the child is not completely indifferent to them.

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