How fashionable to wear black jeans?

If blue and blue jeans are time-tested classics, then trendy black ones are the trend of the last few seasons. And such a versatile and stylish thing must necessarily be in the wardrobe of any girl, as it can be used to create a variety of bows!

Black jeans - universal must have

Why black jeans are called a real must have for any of the fair sex? The main reason to get this thing is its absolute universality, and in everything. First of all, black jeans organically fit into most styles: they complement the office image, fit for casual bows everyday, emphasize the elegance of the classical style and the boldness of grunge, bring a touch of elegance to the original boho.

Versatility extends to age criteria: black jeans are suitable for young girls, women and women of even balzak age, which is achieved through the restraint of a dark scale.They do not restrict the right to wear such a thing and body features: since black has the ability to slim and stretch a silhouette, it can hide volumes and it is interesting to beat puffy shapes.

How to choose black jeans?

How to choose fashionable black jeans? If the color option is unique, then other criteria provide freedom of choice. Consider the most basic:

  1. Style. It must be chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of its shape. Happy owners of a slim and almost ideal body are very lucky, because they fit absolutely all models. Skinny jeans can safely choose girls with slim and not very short legs. A good option for the full - straight not too tight fitting. Hide wide hips allow jeans, expanding almost from the top - the so-called "pipe". And owners of full or relief calves should choose models of flares, which, by the way, are back in fashion.
  2. Length. If you pick it right, you can skilfully disguise some defects in appearance. For example, if you have long legs, feel free to wear cropped jeans that will visually balance the lower and upper body.If you do not consider yourself leggy, then choose a standard length, but at the same time consider the style of the model. So, narrow women's jeans should reach the ankle, but not gather in the folds around it. Straight cut models should completely cover the heel, and if you prefer shoes with heels, then half the heel. And if the purchased jeans are very long, then it is better to shorten them, as the legs that reach to the ground will quickly tear and make the image sloppy and careless.
  3. Landing. The optimal and, perhaps, universal option is an average landing. Only slim girls can afford inflated jeans, because such models focus on hips and pay attention to the waist zone, which makes these areas be close to perfect. Excessively low landing not only looks ridiculous and vulgar, but also causes a lot of inconvenience and when trying to sit down or bend down suddenly exposes the places that should remain hidden from prying eyes.
  4. Additional details. In principle, they are not required, since the black color implies restraint. Therefore, embroidery, rhinestones and other unnecessary little things will be superfluous.But the perforation will add notes of rebellion and mischief.

How to wear: the most successful options

What is the best way to wear black jeans? The choice is simply huge, but the most successful options are the following:

  • To create a strict office look, a white fitted blouse will fit without unnecessary details.
  • The stylish tandem that has already become a classic is black jeans and a checkered loose shirt. But instead, it is quite possible to wear a denim, and better light.
  • Trendy denim jackets are relevant, and light blue hues blend best with black jeans.
  • For everyday wear, use hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves, jumpers.
  • In summer, you can wear a loose asymmetrical T-shirt, jersey or top.
  • Tunics fit well with skinny jeans, especially shirt-cut or loose oversize models.
  • In cool weather, you can wear a blazer or jacket.
  • Black cardigans with black jeans look harmonious, especially the loose cut, which are especially popular now.
  • In the fall or spring, wear a leather jacket: classic or rebellious "jacket".
  • In the cold season, by the way will have a straight or trapezoid youth coat.
  • Trench coat or trench coat will make the image more feminine and elegant.
  • Try to create multi-layered kits, which are often found in the photo of fashionable bows. So, under the jumper you can wear a blouse. And on top of a shirt or top, put on a denim shirt.

Tip: for sure you know that black is universal in terms of combination with other shades, and this is a fact. But most harmoniously and interestingly, it looks with such tones as white, red, yellow, mustard, mint, gray, coral, peach, blue and olive. A variety of prints may also be appropriate: animalistic zebra and leopard, contrast stripes, polka dots, flowers, cage, inscriptions.

We select shoes and accessories

What shoes to wear with black jeans? Virtually any, depending on the style of the set. So, everyday images can be complemented with slip-ons, converse, snickers. For a meeting with friends, put on more ballet flats. Mules, stiletto pumps or models with a stable heel or wedge heel are suitable for a date.

To study or work in the office, you can go in shoe boots, lofers or oxfords. In winter, such a thing can be combined boots, especially with wide tops and cowboy.And lovers of shocking and brutal or rocker images can afford rough shoes. As for the color of shoes, the most successful will be brown, beige and black tones.

The choice of accessories is also huge, and it should also depend on the given concept and style of the image. Complement black jeans with thin contrasting straps, wide bracelets, thin beads, hats and caps, and scarves. You can choose different models of bags: elegant clutches, discreet briefcases, everyday and comfortable shoppers.

Be sure to buy black jeans if you still don’t have them and make stylish looks for all occasions!

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