How is PayPal better than a bank card?

PayPal is one of the best payment tools on the Internet. The system is suitable for paying bills and purchases, sending and receiving funds between individuals and legal entities.

The main advantage of using the system is security. If a bank card or an electronic wallet of other systems is used to pay for goods at such sites as Alieksress or eBey, problems may arise with obtaining additional protection. PayPal guarantees that the goods will be delivered, and the funds will be available to the seller only after confirmation of the fact of delivery.

The advantages include:

  • ease of use;
  • reliability;
  • possibility of payment for goods without commission.

The only additional payments may arise when it is necessary to convert rubles to another currency. This usually happens when shopping in overseas stores.

Another advantage is the right to choose to pay commission when using a bank card in the system.Take 3.4% of the amount plus 10 rubles for each operation. You can choose who will pay this commission: the recipient or sender of the transfer.

Using a virtual card without plastic

The ability to make purchases without a plastic card. For this you need to have a virtual view. It does not differ in its solvency from physical analogues. The only negative is that the electronic card cannot be paid off in offline stores.

Unlike a plastic banking product, a virtual PayPal card is instantly issued. The procedure for its binding is carried out in the same way as with a regular card. It is necessary to go through authorization, go to the “Account” section and add a card. In the window that opens, it remains to enter the data of the electronic instrument, confirm your actions with the code that comes to the phone.

Other benefits

People who shop online using the payment system do not pay additional fees. The main source of the company is the commission, which is removed from the stores for each operation, as well as remuneration for personal transfers from the attached card.

Convenient and One Touch.It allows you to make purchases faster, avoiding the need to repeatedly enter data without compromising security. This is one of the main advantages in comparison with the use of bank cards.

Despite the high level of security for transactions using the payment system, PayPal recommends users follow standard security rules. It is not recommended to follow links in suspicious messages or give your password to third parties.

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