How not to overestimate yourself

It is necessary to consciously approach the solution of vital issues, not to take immediate decisions. Even the promises you give to people you know need to be fulfilled. If you decide whether you can help a friend repair his cottage, do not immediately agree, ask for time for reflection. Assess your skills and abilities, think for how long this work will take you time. Only after that make a decision.
Approach any situation in the same way. The moment you give your word, you take responsibility for its implementation. So that you are not accused of idle talk and not binding, do not promise to do what you cannot do.
Remember how often you promised eternal love, cash flow, work on time and other things. Sometimes you do not even think about the consequences, speak so that you are left behind in order to calm the person. After some time you find yourself “hostage” of your own words, dooming yourself to quarrels and conflicts.
Analyze all the situations when it all happened that way. You did not have enough time, effort, ability, desire to fulfill the promise? Next time assess your capabilities in advance, do not put an unbearable burden on your shoulders. Do not be afraid to ask time to think, it will only show you a reasonable and responsible person.
It is often difficult and unpleasant to admit even to yourself that you cannot do something. Work on yourself so that you will be accustomed to first evaluate yourself, and then make promises.
Constantly improve your skills and acquire new skills, so you will significantly increase the amount of their capabilities. It's so nice to do work even better and faster than promised!
Learn to select such phrases so that they do not contain categorical. It is difficult not to break a promise that was formulated in the following way: “I will never be late for work!”. After all, the situation on the roads does not depend on your desires, anything can happen, and you will not keep your word. It is better to say to the employer: “I will do everything in my power to arrive on time!”.

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