How to beat the ventilation box

You will need
  • - kitchen furniture to order;
  • - furniture boards;
  • - ceramic tile;
  • - textured plaster;
  • - fake diamond.
Consider the availability and size of the ventilation box when developing the design for the kitchen unit you are about to order. When designing, there should not be a useless area. Along the ventilation shaft, you can extend the table top, then you will increase the area of ​​the desktop. Under the countertop well stand up floor cabinet, which has a slight depth, for different little things, which are always enough in the kitchen space. If a ventilation zone is located past the ventilation duct, then order the edges at the worktop and the cabinet without sharp corners.
Position the bar at the ventilation shaft. She can smoothly go around the box or rest on it with one end. If you spend little time in the kitchen, do not arrange family gatherings, the bar counter can replace your dining table. What would be a good solution for small kitchen sizes.
Decorate the ventilation box with laminated plywood or melamine coated furniture panels that match the color of the main furniture in the kitchen. This point can be taken into account when ordering a new kitchen, and in the facelift of the room. Pick up in the hardware store ready-made billboards that match the color of the side or frontal parts of the kitchen set. If such a selection is difficult, then you can make the box an accent spot, covering it with completely different materials in color. But they should be harmoniously combined with the overall decor of the room. On shields, you can hang a flat TV or narrow shelves for trinkets.
Finish the ventilation duct with textured plaster, ceramic tiles or artificial stone. When decorating with a stone or tile with imitation of a brick, fix a ready-made cast-iron gate or grill on the surface, and your problem box will turn into a designer stove or fireplace.

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