How to become a businessman

You will need
  • - business plan;
  • - means to create your business.
If you have not yet decided which field you are going to work in, try defining a list of your interests, opportunities, and priorities. Remember that it is impossible to successfully do business that you do not like. So think not only about the expected high income, but also about whether your work will bring you satisfaction.
Choosing the case that you want to do, evaluate your resources. You should have enough money to achieve the level at which your business will start to bring you the first income. The financial side of the matter is very important - carefully calculate everything, then add to the calculated amount another 30% minimum. This will be the real amount you need to open your business.
Carefully study your responsibility when choosing one or another legal form of your activity. For example, when organizing an LLC, you will be liable to business partners only with the property of the enterprise.If you decide to become an individual entrepreneur, then in case of unforeseen circumstances you will be responsible to your partners and your personal property.
Carefully study the market niche in which you decided to work. How many competitors will you have, what is the cost of their products and services. Determine how and what you can attract customers. Proper preparation of a business plan is one of the keys to successful business development. Do not forget that in Russia there is a state program to support novice businessmen, you can get free aid in the amount of about 50-60 thousand rubles (data for 2014). The state will assume all costs of registering the company. For accurate clarification on this issue, contact your local employment service.
Remember that almost every businessman is faced with serious difficulties when opening a business. It is very important not to surrender during this period, but to continue working, in spite of any difficulties. This time, from several months to several years, can be called a period in which you will earn your right to become a businessman.As soon as the starting stage is completed and you prove in practice to yourself and those around you, everything will go smoothly.
When choosing a business, consider the possibility of its development. If you decide, for example, to repair shoes, then in this regard, your possibilities will be severely limited - except that over time you will be able to open a few more points and hire craftsmen to work. Try to focus not on your own work, but on your abilities as the organizer of the work. The more your business grows, the higher your income will be.
Helpful advice
Being engaged in the business, always consider also variants of adverse succession of events. Be prepared for them, and the probability of their occurrence in practice will be very low. And if they come, you will be ready for them.

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