How to behave normally in 2018

You will need
  • - self control;
  • - self-examination.
Try to analyze why you even have a similar question. Taunt and remarks of others, discomfort when being in an unfamiliar environment, uncontrollable behavior: there may be a lot of disturbing factors. In addition, you should be clearly aware that your concern about “normality” is in fact justified, and not the result of excessive self-criticism.
Fix your behavior while asking the key question: “Do my actions lead to the desired result?”. For example, if you are faced with the task of getting from point A to point B, but in the end you find yourself in a completely different place, you should doubt the adequacy of your behavior. Matching the result is one of the key criteria for normality.
Once in a new unfamiliar environment, follow its internal rules. In this case, keep in mind that most of them will be unspoken.How quickly you draw the appropriate conclusions and become part of the environment will be the catalyst for your normalcy. A vivid example: access to a new job. The dress code, internal etiquette, rules of corporate communication, reporting algorithm, contacts with colleagues outside the service - these are the moments that will shape your normal behavior.
Make a clear distinction between normality and originality (creativity). It is possible that you have your own ways of self-expression. This may be creative clothing, outrageous communication style, non-standard habits. However, all this should not cause obvious problems to others. For example, if listeners are amazed and shocked by your monologue at a recital, you will still remain within the limits of adequacy. But if at the same time you cause fear and a collective unwillingness to communicate with you, it is advisable to reconsider your behavior.
Do not let the will of aggression. Such behavior is justified only in exceptional cases, for example, with a real threat to life. In all other situations, out of control outbursts of anger have nothing to do with normal behavior.

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