How to bend a strip

You will need
  • - strip of plasterboard;
  • - sharp knife;
  • - special roller (perforator);
  • - water;
  • - clean rags.
Preparestripdrywall that you want to bend. The greater the bend radius, the easier it will bestrip. Broad bands are more difficult to bend than narrow ones. Sometimes it is better to divide one widestriptwo or three narrow ones and then assemble them separately, having pierced the seams.
The easiest way to give the material the desired shape, if we are talking about the creation of concave surfaces; bulges cause more hassle. Lean the plasterboard plate to the desired location and slowly press it into the cavity. In this case, the assistant secures the ends of the strip with self-tapping screws. Then the workpiece is screwed more thoroughly along its entire length.
When decorating convex molds with drywall, fixstriponly in one place, and then step by step, gradually and gradually bendstripby attaching it as the shape changes.
The situation is more difficult with bends of small radius. Without prior preparation can easily breakstrip. Pre-make on the back of the sheet small slots at a distance of about 4-5 cm from each other. The cuts should not be too deep for the drywall to break, and parts of the material must be securely interconnected.
When you bend large areas of drywall strips, you will need a special spiked roller (perforator). Moisten the surface of the material at the site of the intended bend by slightly wetting it with wet rags. Now go through the place of bending with a roller so that small holes appear on this place. Then gradually bend the sheet, trying to give it the desired curvature. Curvedstripmount in the right place, securely attached to the base.
Mounting a curved sheet, follow a specific sequence of actions. You should not wait until the curved one of the described methods “harden” strip, taking the desired shape. Attach drywall to the base immediately while the bend is still wet and pliable. If this condition is not met, then material breaks are possible. Act gradually, trying to avoid sudden changes in the structure of the material.

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