How to break the virgin?

Natalya Galushko
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The question �How to break the hymen?� (Scientifically, this process is called �defloration�) has two aspects - physical and psychological.

In no case should not underestimate the influence of the psychological factor. A girl should be mentally prepared for the loss of virginity and completely trust her partner.

In physical terms, sexual intercourse with defloration is not much different from the usual. Only due to the penetration of the penis of a man into the vagina, a rupture of the hymen occurs, which can cause pain and minor bleeding in a woman.

Therefore, in order to minimize pain and blood loss during deflowering, it is important to know how to properly break the hymen. Be careful, treat with tenderness to your innocent girl.

How to break a girlfriend

  1. Create a proper atmosphere in the room (quiet slow music, dim lights, a large bed with fragrant sheets - you can even scatter rose petals, in a word, everything that can relax and soothe).
  2. Before defloration, the girl should be excited enough to moisturize the vagina. The more lubrication, the easier the penetration. Therefore, here in the course you can start up any affection and gentle words. During the caresses, it would be very good to gently insert a finger into the vagina, imitating the movements of the penis, so that the girl would gradually get used to the presence of a foreign body inside of her.
  3. Now you can go directly to sexual intercourse. Doctors consider missionary to be the best posture for defloration (a woman lies on her back with legs spread wide apart, knees bent, and a man is on top). Under the basin, the girl can put a cushion, as long as it is comfortable for both partners.
  4. Slowly insert the head of the penis into the vagina until you feel a barrier. Continue to caress the girl, let him relax.
  5. Then with one sure push (but by no means harsh or rude) try to overcome the obstacle. In most cases, no special effort is needed to break the hymen.
  6. When the barrier is overcome, stand still for a while. Let the girl get used to your presence within yourself. Let the pain subside if it was.Your mission at this moment is to renew caresses so that the excitement that disappeared at the time of defloration flashes with a new force.
  7. Only when you see that the partner has relaxed and started to get excited again, can you start moving and finish the sexual act.

And remember, sexual intercourse, as such, does not tolerate haste. And the rush to defloration can lead to an increase in the girl's painful sensations, and negate all your efforts to be a gallant cavalier and attentive lover.

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