How to breed domestic chickens

If you are planning to breed chickens, it is recommended to start with a special chicken coop. In the chicken coop should be a door and a window on the size of a chicken, elevated above the ground. To him must lead the board. Inside the chicken coop should be placed baskets of hay and be sure to nail the perch. If you live in a warm area, the chicken coop will resemble an ordinary boardwalk. And for cold areas will require additional warming coop.
After preparing the chicken coop, you can go for chickens. You can buy them at the factory or view the newspapers with the corresponding poultry ads. After the purchase will have to be patient, because they have to grow five months. Only after this time it will be possible to get homemade eggs. All these five months, you will only expenses. After the chickens grow, they can take care of their own food.If something grows in your yard, they will pluck weed and eat worms. But in the evening they still have to feed.
It is best to give them feed, cereals, grain, as well as the remnants of food of plant origin. Each evening, the chicken should receive one hundred and fifty grams of food per bird. By the way, it is better to take care of food in advance. You need to figure out what the cost of feed and include this amount in the basic capital with some margin. You just need to take into account that the products are constantly becoming more expensive.
When breeding chickens at home, please note that the mortality rate of chickens is high enough. Not all birds live to adulthood. Adult chickens usually give eggs every other day. So when they start to sweep, you can already calculate the profit. If you have twenty hens in a hen house, you will receive seventy eggs a week. It turns out that they are quite enough for sale. Breeding chickens will slowly begin to pay off and you will start to get a good profit from the sale of eggs.
Now you have to look after chickens and collect eggs every day. On the replenishment of livestock also need not forget. Try laying eggs to the hens.They can take care of the offspring on their own. It is usually recommended to keep no more than thirty birds in the herd. It is much more difficult to care for a large number. If you have someone to share the chores of breeding chickens, you can save a much larger population.

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