How to calculate the income tax in 2018

First, to income that is subject to mandatory taxation, include income from the sale of goods and property rights. Anything that is taxable is recorded in cash. And this tax is calculated according to the following formula: receivedprofitdecreases by the amount of expenses incurred. And they, in turn, are defined by chapter 25 "Tax onprofitorganizations of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. That is, first, all income received is added up, then expenses and the amount not included in the list of mandatory taxation are deducted from this amount. The resulting number is added to the loss from the use of depreciable property. This is how the rate turns out. This rate is multiplied by the interest rate 20% and is divided by 100. As a result, it turns out the amount of tax that must be paid to the state.

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