How to captivate and endear people?

Each of us once dealt with people who literally attract attention to themselves and seem extremely convincing and successful. Undoubtedly, someone has such abilities from birth, but you should not burn with envy - if you try a little, you can develop all these qualities in yourself.

Importance of first impression

The formation of the first impression of a person takes only 40 seconds. Regardless of whether the first impression was erroneous or turned out to be true, it is permanently imprinted in the subconscious and is almost beyond change. Therefore, even standing on the wrong foot, it is worth making an effort and try to look kindly at least in the first minutes of dating. Talking about the appearance and not worth it, the fact that the "meet on clothes" has long been known to all, and even had time to pall.

The construction of speech and manner of speaking

Most importantly, a deep impression about a person is made solely by the way he speaks, how competently and clearly he expresses his thoughts.Therefore, in order to improve your manner of speaking, it is preferable to communicate with people who have a well-developed skill to speak. It is even useful to just listen to them and learn. It is important to read books, at least 10 pages daily. Better yet do it out loud.

Manner in society

Be sure that you do or say, or at least pretend. Do not take closed poses, work on facial expressions and gestures.

It has long been known that the most important principles of successful communication are:

- To be positive, no one likes losers and whiners. Everyone intuitively reaches out to successful and happy people, because they themselves want to be so.

- Show your interlocutor interest and not be afraid to ask questions.

- To find similarities between themselves and the interlocutor.

If you follow all these simple principles and improve your communication skills, you will soon notice that the eyes of your interlocutors are burning with sparks of interest and attention.

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