How to care for a luxurious sable fur coat?

A fur coat is not just an element of women's wardrobe, but also a status thing, which gives its owner a special style, charm and self-confidence. Today, every woman has the opportunity to purchase such a detail of outerwear. Designers offer low-end models made of faux fur to those who are limited in means, and classics - expensive furs that never go out of fashion. One of these is sable.

Soft gold

A sable fur coat always looks gorgeous, but this is not its main advantage. Competently approaching her choice, you will get a thing that will serve you for at least 10 years, therefore, investments in such a fur are completely justified.

In addition, thanks to the long nap (on average, about 5 cm), complemented by a thick undercoat, you will always feel warm.

But before you buy such a thing, it is worth to learn what kind of sable happens:

  1. Barguzinsky. The most expensive option. It is easy to recognize by its color - dark brown with small gray fibers, thanks to which it turns out brilliant.
  2. Yenisei.It is a fur of beige and caramel shades, occasionally "diluted" with silvery hairs.
  3. Canadian. The cheapest of the three options and the lightest.

If in the salon you are offered a product not from the presented regions, then, most likely, this is the so-called “cellular” fur. It is derived from sables, which are bred in captivity. Such products are of lower quality, and, accordingly, less valued.

But not only the quality of the "skin" affects the period of wearing a fur coat, an important factor here is the correct processing. Therefore, going for a purchase, it is worth to know a few secrets that will help you buy a quality product. How to choose this gorgeous thing?

  1. Pinch. In this there is nothing strange, pull your fingers over the fur of the product, if you have the villi in your hands - look for another option. This violated the rules of dressing, and therefore, over time, risk getting ugly bald patch.
  2. Do not be lazy to consider the skin in detail. It should be perfectly smooth, without cracks. Color - white or milky. The yellow tint indicates the advanced age of the animal or impaired processing technology.
  3. Smell it.If you feel a strong "animal flavor", it means that you have a model that has gone through the wrong manufacture. This threatens to significantly reduce the service life.
  4. Stroke, but before moisten your hand in water. Swipe along the fur in both directions, they must remain clean, without the villi.
  5. Pay attention to the lining. If you find that it is completely sewn, most likely, you are trying to sell a fake. In the real, expensive products, the lining is not sewn on the bottom, so that the client has the opportunity to look at the skin from the wrong side.

Proper care

And so, when the treasured thing is in your hands, it will not be superfluous to know how to properly care for it. Remember some simple secrets:

  1. Store sable fur can only be in a fabric cover.
  2. The product should hang on the shoulders, away from sources of air and heat - air conditioners or batteries.
  3. The fur coat can not be folded, otherwise the fur will go down. Also, it is worth not to wear a bag on your shoulder, over time this leads to creases and the fall of fur.
  4. Remember that any means of cosmetics or household chemicals is very harmful for such clothes, so try to make foundation, lipstick, perfume, hairspray and other means not in contact with valuable fur.If it happened, and you noticed that the product got dirty, do not try to solve the problem yourself, otherwise it will aggravate the situation even more. Carry it in dry cleaning.
  5. You should not overdo dry cleaning either; the thing will not suffer more than three times without losses.

Harmonious ensemble

To look really stylish, you should choose the right details of the image. And the first thing to remember in this case - a sable fur coat is not suitable for everyday wear.

A short version will suit a young girl. Also it will be appropriate to look model with a hood. It fits perfectly with tight pants or a skirt above the knee, as well as boots with heels or wedges. Please note that clothing should not look out from under the product. The same applies to things of medium length.

And with what to wear a long sable coat? Of course, with shoes on an elegant heel. Do not forget about the headdress, it should be suitable for the color scheme and, preferably, be made of the same material. If you are not a lover of fur hats, then it can be easily replaced with a stylish silk scarf.

Another important accessory is the bag.It must be leather, other material will look cheap and ridiculous. The ideal option is a small clutch. He should repeat the color of the selected shoes.

Our ancestors loved clothes made of sable, and not only women, but also men. Such products showed excellent taste of the owner, his wealth and status. Today this elite thing can turn you into a real queen - elegant and stylish. Be confident in yourself, but remember that it is not a thing that paints a person, but a person - a thing.

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