How to care for parquet

Humidity is the main enemy of the floorboard. Its level in the room should be between 45-60%, and the air temperature should be 18-25C. In rainy weather it is impossible to open the windows, and in order that the pools of water do not accumulate on the floor, it should not be washed with a very damp cloth. If water does not escape the flooring, you should wipe it immediately with a dry cloth.

Often the parquet board is covered with oil or wax. This protects the material from dirt and moisture, since the consistency of oil and wax penetrates inside the wood, but a strong protective film does not form on the surface, so scratches or other traces of mechanical damage may occur on the floor when carelessly handling parquet.

It is necessary to carry out wet cleaning of parquet with oil coating using special means. They are recommended to be dissolved in water, and the damp cloth should be very well pressed.

Waxed floors should not be washed. Only dry cleaning is allowed.This is because the waxed floor may change color due to alkaline reactions that occur upon contact with soapy water and other detergents.

If the floors are covered with varnish, I want to keep their purity and beautiful shine for a long time. Special aerosols, concentrates or prepared liquids can be used for cleaning. Their neutral composition will not cause the surface of the parquet to deteriorate. It is only necessary to remember that it is impossible to wash parquet with very hot water.

If there is a need to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner, you need to have a special nozzle with felt that will rub floors without scratching.

Even with the most careful care, parquet can wear out. In this case, polishing and application of a protective coating is recommended. This will help remove scuffs, cracks and other defects.

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