How to care for patients with multiple sclerosis

Patients with multiple sclerosis need to maintain mobility, so focus on walking, doing feasible homework, and active physical exercise. It helps to overcome muscle weakness, fatigue and constant fatigue. When walking, help the ward maintain balance, and to prevent falls, offer him canes, walkers, handrails and other supports.
With pronounced paresis and paralysis of various muscle groups, massage in order to preserve the mobility of the joints, stimulate the nerve endings and prevent the occurrence of edema. Massage is also useful in violation of sensitivity: numbness, feeling of tightness, inability to determine the position of arms and legs without looking at them, lack of sensation under the feet of a hard surface.Also, perform passive exercise for the limbs to ensure blood circulation and prevent congestion in the joints and muscles.
Encourage the patient with multiple sclerosis to self-care to the extent that is available to him, in order to preserve the skills and abilities, as well as to feel independent. Pick up for the ward lightweight cutlery, combs, scissors and other items that he uses so that they can be held in his hands without effort. Concentrate the patient's attention on what he can do himself, and distract from actions that he is unable to perform, teach him not to rush, not to overwork and rest as often as possible.
Try to control the frequency of urination and stool of the patient. Organize the menu so that it includes a lot of products containing fiber that helps cleanse the intestines. In addition, in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, you need to drink plenty of fluids to ensure regular stools and to prevent possible infections in the kidneys. However, patients often suffer from incontinence, so they reduce their water intake, and you need to explain to them that not drinking will not solve the problem.
If you have urge to urinate and defecate help the ward to reach the toilet, if he is still able to move independently, or serve the vessel. If the urine is not kept, promptly change the bedding and clothing to the patient. If you encounter a problem of urine retention, then put a hot water bottle on your stomach with warm water and let us drink as much as possible.
If possible, make the patient a warm bath. In this case, be sure to control the temperature: it should not exceed 35-38 ° C, because hot water can cause weakness and loss of consciousness, while warm water will help relax muscles, prevent cramps and cramps.
Provide the patient with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis constant contact with other people (relatives, friends, acquaintances), help him and support him in his striving to work. Talk to the ward more often, listen to his problems, experiences, thoughts, including death, convince him that he is not a burden. Be patient with mood swings, low concentration, forgetfulness and absent-mindedness.

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