How to care for the room rose "Kordana mix"

Cordana Mix is ​​an artificially bred variety of miniature room roses of various colors and sizes. Although this rose is small, it is a large flower, like a hybrid tea. This variety is ideal for indoor cultivation, as well as for small patios or curb landscaping. This plant requires soil with good drainage and at least six hours of daylight.Rose "Kordana mix" blooms unusually beautiful, bright flowers. However, there is one drawback - the flowers do not smell at all.

Growing at home

The flower needs a bright sunny color, but do not let the soil dry out. All roses love moist, but not wet soil. If you are going to put the plant on the window, use a flowerpots to protect the roots from drying out.


Greenhouse soil requires constant drip irrigation, so with improper care and rare watering the rose can dry out.To moisten the ground, lower the pot into a container of water for several hours. If the air is too dry, the flower may suffer even with regular watering. To prevent this, you can use crystals that retain moisture. They are sold in florist stores under various names: superabsorbent, hydrogel, moisture-absorbing crystal, etc. You will need less than one teaspoon of such crystals for a 15 cm pot. Make several indentations in the ground with a pencil and put a few crystals in each well."Kordana mix" is propagated by stem processes. It is necessary to separate the cuttings in the spring. Cutting a plant can be both in water and in the substrate.


Most varieties of roses have good immunity to disease, but when grown indoors, they can be affected by downy powdery mildew, manifested as a gray powder on the leaves, which later turn yellow. Also “Kordana mix” is subject to infection by aphids and spider mites. To prevent disease, avoid over-wetting the soil and excess fertilizer.Water the flower from the sprayer, as moisture deters spider mites. If you notice traces of downy mildew, wash the leaves and let them dry well. Wash the place where the flower stood and wipe dry. The flower needs good air circulation.

After flowering

After the first flowering, the rose must be transplanted into a larger pot. If the flower seems weak and grows slowly, cut, leaving a sprout about 7 cm tall. If you are planting a flower, make sure that it is planted at the same level in the new land.

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