How to change the mesh of the fuel pump VAZ

������Poor quality gasoline and time destroy the fuel tank. It starts to rust from inside, small particles of metal settle at the bottom. To prevent them from getting into the fuel system, gasoline filtration is provided. A grid is installed in front of the electric pump to prevent the ingress of dirt and metal particles into the supercharger and fuel line. Even on vehicles with a carburetor injection system there is a filter for cleaning. It is installed on the tube, immersed in fuel.

Preparation for repair

On cars VAZ, starting with model 2108, the fuel tank is installed under the rear seat. For the repair will need to perform the following operations:
- disconnect the negative terminal of the battery;
- open the rear doors;
- Raise the rear seat by pulling the strap designed for this.
On the bottom bed soundproofing material. It has a rectangular cutout. It is necessary to raise a piece of sound insulation to open access to the window in the back.Through this hole access to the elements of the fuel system located in the tank. Before beginning to repair, get rid of dust and dirt that is around the plastic plug.

Removing the fuel pump and level sensor

Phillips screwdriver unscrew the two screws that hold the plastic cap on the body. On cars with an injection system of injection pump and sensor have a common mount to the gas tank. And on machines with carburetor engines in the tank is a tube through which fuel enters the power system, as well as a float with a rheostat.
The top cover, to which the elements of the power supply system are attached, is screwed to the tank with nuts. They need to be unscrewed with a socket wrench with a head on 7. Before that, do not forget to clean the surface, as a lot of dust and dirt can accumulate on the gas tank. You can remove everything with a vacuum cleaner or with a paintbrush. Disconnect the power supply and level sensor. On cars with a carburetor power system there are only wires connecting the pointer.
Use a Phillips screwdriver to loosen the clamps that secure the fuel hoses. To the latter did not interfere, put them aside.Only after that you need to unscrew the nuts securing the top cover to the tank. Remove the entire assembly from it for repair. On carburetor engines the grid is removed with the help of pliers. Using the same tool, you can remove the filter element on injection cars. The installation consists in pressing the mesh onto the fuel tube.

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