How to choose a tie by color

Tie color

If there is a shirt or suit in the man’s wardrobe, there must be a tie. You can not be limited to the selection of the style of accessory, you need to think about its color. In this case, there are several tricks and rules:
- if the task is to create the perfect image, the color of the tie should match the color of the clothes;
- choose an accessory with a small number of shades - a maximum of 3 colors;
- if the person has an unhealthy or pale color, you should not choose a tie of light green, pale yellow or gray. In this case, not too motley, but saturated with color accessories will do;
- a tie in the case will be universal, if the colors of the rest of the clothes will have less contrasting shades.

A few more nuances

Type of appearance, of course, plays a big role when choosing a tie. But do not forget about the situation, which requires the use of this accessory.
So, the red color will allow you to stand out from the crowd and come up to a dark jacket and a white shirt. However, this rule has its exception. A person in a management position should limit himself to the pleasure of wearing a bright red tie.
A sky blue accessory will be appropriate for an evening business or social event. This tie goes well with a black suit. However, he does not make the image gloomy.
At a business meeting or a family celebration it is better to wear a burgundy or dark red accessory. This classic version is suitable for those who do not want to stand out from the crowd, but want to look solid.
A dark blue tie will be appropriate at a business meeting, as well as suitable for everyday use. This color is also considered a classic.
White tie can be found in the wardrobe of judges and lawyers. You should not choose this option if the person occupies other positions and does not belong to the representatives of these professions.
For everyday use fit brown tie. Psychologists believe that at business meetings such accessories do not need to wear. The outcome of such an event would not be very successful, since the tie itself is less formal than, for example, black or blue.
Gray and silver tie options look good with a white shirt. This accessory is appropriate for a wedding celebration or birthday. By the way, for everyday use, this option is also suitable.
If necessary, create a strict image wear a black tie. This accessory is also worn by the waiters.
The most difficult options are multicolor ties, which can show both the merits of a person and his faults. Therefore, it would be appropriate to wear such a tie with a plain shirt and suit.

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