How to choose a tricycle?

The main thing you should pay attention to when choosing a three-wheeled model is the age of the baby. Bicycle, in the first place, must fully comply with the characteristics of the child. Sometimes adults do not pay such important attention to this and acquire a bicycle so to speak “for growth”, trying to save money. But with such a thing to save in any case impossible.

If you want to develop agility and dexterity in your child, then acquire a unicycle for him. Tricycles with a handle are a unique invention! Of course, for walking with children from year to year, a simple stroller is also suitable. True, if a baby moving a stroller simply sits and misses, then the rider on a children's tricycle is full of pleasant emotions. Today there are enough models with built-in radio.

First of all, you should definitely pay your attention to the specifics of the cycle bike design. It should be borne in mind that a high-quality children's three-wheeled bicycle wheelies must necessarily have:

Sitting with backrest. It should insure the child from falling on his back. True for the youngest children, it is mandatory to have strong and comfortable seat belts. In addition, you can buy a children's tricycle with a good back in many retail outlets.

Do not forget about the footrests. They should look like pallets, although they can also look like ordinary large pedals. Such coasters provide an accurate and, most importantly, safe positioning of the child’s feet in moments of movement, while not allowing them to slip off.

Each children's tricycle must be equipped with a handle. In the case of the choice of the bicycle wheel, the handle is responsible for the steering angle. With this handle, an adult can not only control the movement of a bicycle, but also manage it fully. Pay your attention to the fact that you can adjust the handle height. This will provide an appropriate level of convenience. It would be nice if you looked at models that have a special mount. It is possible to connect to them an awning that will protect the head of the child from the bright sun or rain.If your child is no longer quite small, then you can purchase a slightly improved bike. For example, one that has a trunk for toys. In general, the choice is yours!

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