How to choose a wallpaper in the house?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
February 9, 2018
How to choose a wallpaper in the house?

Wall murals for walls for a long time used for decoration of different rooms, and they are very popular. This is an inexpensive and effective way to decorate an ordinary room, to create a special atmosphere in it, to complement the design or to visually change its volume.

To find a suitable option in our time is not difficult: you can choose one of the options "live" in a regular store, explore the catalog of interest, or arrange a photo wallpaper to order. You can buy suitable wallpapers in the online store - high-quality and varied options for different customers at affordable prices and for every taste. For ease of searching, wallpapers are divided into popular categories, you can also order a version with your own picture or image. We give some useful recommendations on the choice of photo wallpaper for the house.

Basic Tips

Consider color combinations and wallpaper graphics. Wall mural - decorating a room that needs to be matched perfectly.Indistinct images, discrepancies of pictures, pale colors, ugly pictures, etc. - carefully ensure that there are no defects.

Pay close attention to the color scheme of the decor. Color has a great impact on the health and mood of the person, so the overall palette should be pleasant to you and fit the room for which you choose it, in terms of tone and design. For example, for a delicate bedroom, lavender, blue, soft pink and pastel will be good, the drawings will be pleasant, calm, and relaxing. And in the living room it will look good bright, cheerful and dynamic image: it will invigorate and create the mood for the whole family and guests.

Photowall-paper can be the different size. The most spectacular options are assumed in the entire wall, which is good for rooms with open spaces, lots of light and air. Medium in size and small images will decorate an office, a library, a small bedroom, where in addition to photowall-paper near the wall there are shelves, cabinets, lamps or a high headboard.

Choose a picture for different rooms

  • Bedroom. An interesting solution is the decoration of the ceiling.The classic option is a headboard, but any other open space on the wall will do. Flowers, sunset on the island, any landscape, night city, etc. will look beautiful
  • Kitchen. Here the wallpaper can be placed not only on the open walls, but also in the walls of furniture, which are in harmony with them in tones. Suitable small flower drawings, still lifes, animals, abstraction, flowers. Let the decor sets up a good appetite, invigorates and gives joy.
  • Living room. Large drawings in the whole wall, bright and dynamic. City landscape, images with beautiful exotic views of the planet, paintings by modern artists, abstractions will look harmonious here.

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