How to choose a wardrobe?

The main difference of cabinet furniture, which is made to order, is the chance to independently participate in its design, selecting the color, accessories, and construction. You decide what length, height, width of the wardrobe, what number of shelves, drawers and hangers will be in it, where to put shoes, etc. Constructive limitations, of course, when carrying out such an order are available, but relying on the manufacturer's recommendations, you can still create furniture according to your own parameters.

The oldest type of such constructions is the "furniture slides" with multi-level elements that are rather compact and do not create the effect of cluttering the room. In our time, they also began to make the order.

So, the first thing we look at when creating a closet is its color, shape, content. At first glance, it seems that they are all the same. First, they differ in the number of doors and the way they are opened. Some models have not only sliding doors, but also the most common, hinged doors.The latest models are cabinets with corner shelves, smoothing the corner of the cabinet, making it rounded. As a rule, this is the angle facing the doorway.

Very often bought wardrobes in Minsk with a mensola - an extension of the roof of the cabinet in which the backlight lamps are mounted. In another case, the mensola is located along the back wall of the structure and is simply decorative. As for the choice of color, there is always a really simple rule: saturated, elegant colors are always attractive. It should be remembered that the dark color "eats" a lot of light, and the bright closet visually expands the room. This is also taken into account because the area on which the furniture is built is quite large, and the influence of the color of the furniture on the overall interior is obvious.

The doors of the wardrobe are made of chipboard. The most frequent width of the door is kept within 90 cm. If the doors are larger, they will become heavy and inconvenient to use. The height can be almost unlimited in the BRAUN system. The Kommandor system offers a maximum height of 275 cm. As a rule, all corner wardrobes on the website are mounted “under the ceiling”. The length of the wardrobe can be unlimited.

When ordering such items for your home, do not be stingy, choose a beautiful and practical furniture decoration with PVC edge to save your furniture for many years, because it is very practical, it serves for many years if you take care of its protection from mechanical damage from the very beginning.

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