How to choose an exam preparation mode

The night before

In fact, on the night before the exam, it is impossible to learn the subject: nothing will be stored in your memory, and in the morning you will feel tired and overwhelmed. Physiologists believe that the most correct and reasonable will be ... go to bed. It is during sleep that growth, strengthening and restructuring of nerve endings occur - and this “creates” memory. Instead of devoting the last hours before the exam to pointless cramming, it is better to use the system to effectively memorize a large amount of information.

"Lessons" and "recess"

45 minutes is the maximum time during which the brain can actively absorb information - it’s not by chance that the lessons and lectures last. After that, it is necessary to change the type of activity: actively move around, have a snack, sit quietly and relax to the music. After 3-4 cycles of intensive mental work, you need to take a longer break lasting 30-40 minutes, and then repeat 3-4 intensive cycles with 10-minute breaks between them.There is no point in doing more - the brain needs to be given time to process the information received, and it should not be overloaded.

Repetition - the mother of learning

Repetition of the material contributes to the best memorization. The first repetition should be done in half an hour, the second - in 6-8 hours, the third - in about a day. If you need to learn too much information, it is better to distribute it evenly, and to devote the last day to repetition. In this case, it would be much more useful not to reread all the material, but to look into your own notes, cribs, notes.

Prepare ... cheat sheets

Be sure to take notes, in other words - to make cheat sheets. This allows us to comprehend and process the digestible material, to single out the main thing in it, to pay attention to the main formulas and dates.

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