How to choose clothes pregnant

Panties for pregnant women should be as comfortable as possible, they should not push on the stomach or hold down movement. In the warm season it is worth paying attention to the linen made of thin cotton, it absorbs moisture well and passes air. In the cold season, the fabric of underwear should be more dense, in especially cold frosts, shorts are the usual models. There are many models of panties that are designed for pregnant women. Among them are mini panties, the lower part of which is conveniently located under the stomach, and maxi pants, their front part is much higher than the back, so that they easily close the stomach. Such panties are comfortable to wear under the bandage belt, to eliminate the appearance of irritation on the skin.
It is very important to choose the right bandage. There are many models of bandage from tape to pants. It is worth buying a bandage only after fitting, regardless of the model, it should support, and not tighten, belly.You should not feel any pressure on the abdominal area when fitting the bandage, otherwise it may cause unpleasant consequences. If in the later stages of the ultrasound revealed that the child is in the wrong position, the bandage must be abandoned, because it will prevent the baby from turning over.
The breasts of a woman during pregnancy gradually increase in size, so regular bras will have to be replaced with special models for pregnant women. Such models are made with special cups with clasps, which allow you to adjust their size if necessary. In addition, these models are equipped with wide shoulder straps that better support the chest. Maternity bras support breast muscle tone and prevent stretch marks.
In addition to the bandage, panties and bra you need to get tights for pregnant women. Such tights have a greatly enlarged upper part, which prevents them from rolling down from the abdomen and at the same time does not press on it. Special tights for pregnant women help to avoid swelling and diseases of the veins, keeping the legs in good shape. In some cases, the expectant mother can be assigned special medical stockings, which are selected individually in size for each woman.
Please note that underwear for pregnant women should be made of natural materials, it is permissible to use a very small amount of synthetics, which helps the linen to stretch. Bandages, if you are going to wear them over linen, can be made entirely of synthetic. Lingerie for pregnant women is better to buy in pharmacies or specialized stores, this process should be approached very carefully.

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