How to choose gate automatics

Automation for the gate greatly facilitates their use, it is especially felt in harsh climatic conditions. Today automation systems have ceased to be a special privilege - it's not difficult to install them on your own gate, at the same time, orienting yourself on price and quality, you can choose the most suitable option.

What determines the choice of automation for the gate

When choosing an automatic system for gates, you should pay attention to the features of the installation site, the type and weight of the leaflets. The values ​​of these parameters are important for determining the engine power and the type of mechanical devices with which the gate will be driven. Among the main types of gate distinguish:

  • swinging
  • Rollbacks
  • sectional (lifting).

It is important that the engine is chosen with a considerable margin of power - this is necessary to ensure sufficient effort. The most common electromechanical systems are designed for leaflets 1.8-5 meters long and weighing 300-1000 kg,with the intensity of motion can be in the range from 30 to 100% - the greater the reserve capacity of the system, the faster the doors will open in both directions.

Each of the types has special advantages, although the most frequently used gates are swinging. To decide the question of which automatics to choose for swing gates, should be based on their design features and specific placement conditions.

Automation manufacturers for gates

CAME, FAAC, NICE (Italy), Marantec, Hormann (Germany), DoorHan (Russia), etc. are recognized as the world's leading manufacturers of automatic systems.

Despite the wide choice of automation manufacturers, not every trade mark presented on the market provides sufficient quality of products, therefore, before choosing the automation for the gate it is worthwhile to study in detail its technical characteristics (for example here catalog / avtomatika-dlja-vorot /).

Automation Types

By the principle of action distinguish automatic systems:

  • linear;
  • Leverage
  • Underground.

Considering that the gate is in the open air, it is preferable to use safe 12, 24 V DC drives.For operation in conditions of high intensity, choose systems designed for alternating current of 220 V with reliable protective devices.

What kind of automation for the gate is better - in each individual case, the specialists must decide, taking into account the placement conditions, frequency of use, installation depth and weight of the gate.

A linear drive with a worm gear is most common when picking a swing gate. Thanks to the extended stem and the simplicity of the design, the drive is able to withstand long periods of operation without repairing and replacing components.

At the heart of the action of the lever system of automation is a hinged-lever mechanism connected through a gearbox to an electric motor. This automation allows you to set in motion the sash with a recessed location and with wide columns, when the use of a linear system is difficult. Modern lever systems are able to provide smooth or step-by-step opening, are easy to use, but at the same time, experts note a reduced reliability of the hinge-lever mechanism at increased intensity of movement.

Underground automatic lever type allows you to save the external design of the object. Ground is only a lever mechanism, with the engine and gearbox located in the box below the ground. The system allows you to open the sash to 130-180o, both inside and outside the fence.

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