How to choose linoleum for home

Linoleum is not only cheap, but also very simple in styling and care, and the variety in design can please any owner of the dwelling. I would also like to recall the good heat and sound insulation properties of linoleum. But I already wrote about the merits of linoleum in detail earlier, but now let's clarify the important parameters when choosing and buying it.

The size of the linoleum cloth can be calculated together with the consultant of the store, because not all rooms are standard. However, modern manufacturers are trying to produce rolls of linoleum so that the individual parts of the whole cloth had to cut out as little as possible. Also modern linoleum does not shrink, so it will be easy to calculate the required footage, but still take a little more coverage, since the length of the opposite walls may differ slightly.

Helpful advice:choose linoleum with an abstract pattern, so as not to have problems with cutting for rooms of complex shape.

Wear resistance is an important parameter that must be taken into account when choosing. For corridors, kitchens it is worth choosing more wear-resistant linoleum. The least wear-resistant linoleum is better to choose for the bedroom, as well as to prepare the apartment for rent, if you want to save as much as possible on the repairs.

Pay attention to the presence or absence of a sharp strong smell of linoleum. In quality coverage it is not. Before buying, also check for the absence of cracks, irregularities, or other defects on the surface of linoleum. When purchasing multiple rolls, make sure that the material is from the same batch, otherwise the rolls may have different shades. It is also useful to ask the seller a hygienic certificate.

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