How to choose products in the store

Before buying a product, inspect the packaging. It must be free from all kinds of damage. If there are even small and barely noticeable tears, then such a product is not worth buying. It is no longer suitable for use.
When buying vegetables and fruits, pay attention to the fact that there are no cracks, cuts, dents and dark spots. Such products will deteriorate in a short time. And why take vegetables that are not in the day?
Pay special attention to frozen foods. They should not be white snow plaque, frozen water droplets and ice inside the product. This will indicate that the temperature was disturbed. It is even possible that they were frozen and thawed several times in a row.
Scales of high-quality fish should be firm, eyes - transparent.
Freshness of meat can be determined by smell and color. If, by slightly clicking on the meat, you see that the product quickly returns to its original form, you can buy it.
Choose sausage of the same color as the meat from which it is made. Sausage is not worth taking too bright color, it contains various chemical additives, sodium and nitrates.
When you buy cheese, pay attention to the cut, it should not be dark spots, windfall and mildew.
Always carefully read the composition and shelf life of the product. The shorter the term, the more natural the product, especially for dairy products.
Follow these simple rules, and you will always buy only healthy products that will delight the whole family.

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