How to choose swimming trunks in 2018

Probably everyone already knows, but it will not be superfluous to remind you that fitting is required when buying swimming suits. Put onswimming trunkson their underwear, because it is not known who measured them before you. At home, be sure to wash, and only then dress up.
If you choose men'sswimming trunks, take into account the weight of the person. If he is not very slim, discard the standard models. It is better to buy bathing shorts, knee-length or slightly higher. They will not be tight on the body and will not draw attention to the imperfect stomach or legs.
How to choose <strong> swimming trunks </ strong>
If a man is athletic and does not have excess weight - he will fit anyswimming trunks. When purchasing this toilet item, pay attention toswimming trunkswere not cramped and did not interfere with the movement. Do not take and too big sizes, otherwise cowards can slide during swimming. Choose an elastic, quick-drying fabric. If you likedswimming trunkswhite, think carefully. If wet, they can shine through.
How to choose <strong> swimming trunks </ strong>
Women do not usually buyswimming trunksseparately, and choose the entire swimsuit entirely. But if you are a lover of sunbathing topless, it makes no sense to purchase a bra. Fashion industry has created for you a huge range of swimming trunks. These are thongs, tango, shorts and standard panties. Choose to your taste and what is best sitting on your figure.
When choosing swimming trunks, it is better to prefer well-known manufacturers. Cheap goods of unfamiliar brands can quickly become unusable, the fabric sheds, andswimming trunksstretch out. And quality items will last you a long time, and you can use them for more than one swimming season.

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