How to choose winter shoes

Winter is just around the corner, which means it's time to go shopping and stock up with warm clothes. To purchasewinter shoesIt should be taken seriously. You should not look only at the appearance of the model. Of course, style and beauty play an important role for any woman, but if you approach the matter from a practical point of view, the health and warmth of the legs are much more important. If you wish, you can choose a beautiful design, comfortable shoe and heel height without sacrificing quality and internal comfort. Tastes are different, but think about it - will it be hard for you to go shopping or icing on a tall stud?

What to look for

The quality of shoes is not difficult to determine even for a beginner. To do this, take your favorite item from the storefront and carefully examine it.

It is better if the product is made of genuine leather. Genuine leather is different from the artificial in color and density. Lightly stretch the material between your fingers and make sure that the color remains the same. It is acceptable if the shade becomes slightly lighter when stretched, but without blue or darker patches.Do not forget that the skin retains heat and absorbs it from the fingers, if you hold the boot or shoe in your hands for a while.

Leather that is too rich in color and richly varnished is a sign that you have a cheap fake.

If you purchaseleatherette, keep in mind that in extreme cold the sock will crack or peel, and your foot will freeze in minutes.

Giving preferencesuede, be prepared for the fact that it is necessary to clean the dirt and salt buildup from the fabric, and the constant friction can thin out and leave bald spots on the toes. To avoid such troubles, you can buy a special protective spray or cream that successfully disguises minor flaws.

Furcan be natural, artificial and synthetic. Synthetic should be avoided. Non-natural fur will make your legs sweat rather than warm. To check the quality, feel the trim with your fingers: if the fur pile is “sewn” to the fabric matter, then this is a snag. Press your fingers on the fur lining: natural villi straighten, it is worth loosening the pressure, and the artificial ones will remain wrinkled.

The presence of a thick, better tractor, rubberized sole is very important. A thin rubber band will not save you from frost, it will be quickly erased, and you will ride along the roads as if on an ice rink. Deep relief pattern on the sole - the best protection against accidental falls and injuries.

Make sure that the clasp is not too thin and has a pocket at the bottom.

Do not buy a thing without trying on both legs. There are cases that one boots too tight, and the other at the very time. To buy winter shoes with a "stock" of one size is undesirable. You may be uncomfortable, and falling in boots that are not the size is much easier.

The ideal size is when the shoe does not press on the sides, the leg is free, but not loose, and the toe does not squeeze the toes. Do not believe the cunning consultants who convince you that the fur on the dyed material is real, and the tailoring is done according to the latest fashion! All natural can only be complete. Separate the fur from the skin no one will ever be.

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