How to collect daily urine?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
March 4, 2013
How to collect daily urine?

For problems with the kidneys, bladder, other organs of the urinary system, as a rule, numerous tests are prescribed, among which may be a daily urine analysis. In order not to get confused in the prescribed tests and not be confused, you need to know how to collect daily urine so that the analysis is correct and its results provide the doctor with a complete picture of the disease.

Preparing for the collection

On the eve of the day of collection of daily urine, as in the period of collection, try to observe the following requirements. From your classes you should eliminate the maximum physical exertion, exercise, try not to be nervous and not worry about anything. It is also forbidden to take alcohol in any quantities and any strength. During the night, try to sleep and during the day urine intake to maintain a calm and normal lifestyle.

Urine collection

On the day of urine collection, her first portion, the morning one, is removed. She does not go into the analysis. The second portion is poured into a clean container, on paper write down the collection time of this portion.All other portions of urine for the whole day, night and morning are poured into the same container. Urine collection occurs before the time indicated on the paper on the previous day, in order to get a day. Studying how to pass the daily urine, remember that all the time before putting urine should be stored in a container with a tightly closed lid, in a refrigerator at a temperature of +4 to +8 degrees. Do not freeze this container or leave it on a sunny window sill.

How to give for analysis

You now know how to pass the daily urine, but you also need to learn how to transport it to the laboratory. First, the urine in the total capacity is mixed. Measured exactly the total volume of urine, that is diuresis. Then it is poured into a clean, small jar with 250 ml of urine, and in this form is transported to the laboratory. The rest of the urine can be removed. On the direction of the analysis, on the reverse side, it is necessary to write, for what time, when you collected urine, how many milliliters was the total volume (diuresis such and such), your height and weight.

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