How to combine classic pants with tops and blouses

In the warm season, do not give up the classic trousers of light shades. In hot weather, wear them under a knitted or silk top, and when it is cooler, under an original tunic or blouse.
Black trousers provide an excellent opportunity to experiment with riding. Depending on where you are going to go in black dress pants, choose the color and style of the top, as well as the jewelry. The ensemble for the office should be somewhat restrained, but do not become a solid black spot - pick up a top on the straps of medium thickness in beige, terracotta, pale lilac or chocolate shades. No matter how restrained the top is, grab a light jacket with you that you can wear during important meetings.
In a business style, a blouse and dress pants are a favorite option for active women. In this case, you can safely fill the blouse in the pants, especially if it is long.In the office it is permissible to wear blouses with small ruffles or drapes.
When you are going to a party or a date, create a feminine look with the help of classic (without arrows) trousers with an elegant top. This can be an open top with sequins or a bow, open back or asymmetrical cut. Avoid wearing tops with prints or motley embroidery under classical trousers.
Remember that such trousers can be narrowed and of medium width; therefore, when choosing a blouse or top for them, consider the simple rule - “the wider the trousers, the narrower the top”. The ideal length is just below the waist.
Classic pants of any style and color go well with blouses with sleeves-lanterns. In contrast to the tops, low-key prints are allowed on the blouse - such an ensemble will look very impressive with black straight pants and shoes with heels.
If you want to add a bit of originality and trends, wear a guipure top with classic woolen trousers - feel free, but relevant and unusual. From the jewelry fit massive bracelets, beads or earrings (for the evening) or expensive watches (in the office).

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