How to complete breastfeeding in 2018

Gradually accustom the child to a new feeding regime: give him a breast at intervals of 3 hours, gradually abandoning the practice of “on demand” feeding. If the child is persistently asked to give the breast at the "inappropriate" time, do not deny it to him. Simply put, stick to the tactic of “not offering, but not refusing.”
Introduce complementary foods, offering the baby what he likes, and gradually increasing the amount of food eaten. Unnoticeable to the child and without prejudice to his digestion, replace one of the daytime breastfeeds with complementary foods. A child should feel that not only mother's milk can be tasty, but also the fact that she or another family member offers him to eat with a spoon.
Gradually replace the feed with a couple more feedings. Then start skipping one of the morning breastfeeds. Later, smoothly abandon one of the evening feedings. Assign the feeding of the child to the husband or grandmother to demonstrate that the presence of the mother is no longer a vital necessity.
Reduce the number of feedings to several times in the evening and at night and begin to encourage the child when he learns to eat. Avoiding night feedings that contribute to the production of prolactin is the last, most difficult step to complete breastfeeding.
Ensure the intake of a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in the body of the baby during dinner, so that he would sleep at night. For several nights you will have to heroically endure the cry of a child demanding to give him a breast. At such moments it is necessary to “shift” his attention by telling a fairy tale or singing a lullaby.

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