How to configure the server?

The server is a kind of link in the local network, with the help of which the Internet is distributed and workstations are managed. Learn how to set up a server in some cases. Consider the most popular options that are used in modern computer networks.

How to configure a proxy server

A proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between your PC and a service, as well as a computer on the Internet or just a network site. However, some communication service providers purposefully restrict the use of, for example, a program such as Skype. In order to circumvent these restrictions, you need to configure a proxy server for this program to work. You can do this as follows.

First you need to find a working and active proxy server. To connect you will need an ip-address and server port, which you will need to use to configure Skype. To do this, start the program, click on the “Tools” menu and click on the “Connection Problem” line.From the list that appears, select the item HTTPS and enter the port number. Then you should click on the “Save” button and you will be able to start using Skype.

How to set up a media server

A media server is needed to distribute and catalog media content for all kinds of "consumers" of content in the most understandable format. This can be, for example, game consoles, network media players, handheld computers. You should learn the process of setting up the TVersity media server.

First you need to download a ready-made customized server and install it. It is best to do this on the manufacturer's website. When the installation is complete, the system will prompt you to proceed to the setup wizard, and then to the installer. Pressing the "OK" button at the same time will end these processes. Now you should start the TVersity service and open the user interface. Here you will need to add all the sources that should be broadcast through a media server. Their addition is the same everywhere: you need to click on the "+" button, select the content type, title and tags. At the end of the setup process, click the button that says “Submit”.So, adding one source will be completed. With all other sources of media content should do the same. Now the media server can be used.

How to set up an anonymous proxy server

If you need to hide your IP address, then the best solution to this task will be to learn how to configure a proxy server using a special program that can independently find a working proxy server and integrate it automatically into the browser.

One of these popular programs for anonymous surfing on the Internet is a program called Proxy Switcher Standard. This is a fairly convenient and understandable program designed to work with a proxy. It offers a huge selection of a wide variety of proxy servers.

During the launch of this program on your computer, a window appears in which the sections for sorting proxies will be initially empty. In the right pane, the menu sections will be displayed in detail. So, first of all, it will be necessary to integrate the program into your browser. To do this, go to the menu "View", and then in the tab "Preferences".After the window appears, you will need to go to the “Browser identification” tab, here in the line “User-Agent” you need to select the browser into which you need to integrate the program. At the end you should click on the "OK" button.

Next you need to click on the download button for the proxy list. Immediately after this, the automatic loading of proxy servers will begin, which can be noticed as you fill out the “NEW” section on the left. On the right side, the found proxies will be displayed, as well as the countries in which they are located.

When more than 300 proxy servers are loaded, it will be possible to stop the download, since this number will be quite enough. Now it will be necessary to test the downloaded proxies, in which you can find out which of them are working and which are not. After the testing process has been successfully completed and the number of working proxies is needed, go to the section called “Basic Anonymity”. In this section, you will need to select the first proxy server, and then click on the use button.

Well, now you know how to configure the server.But be very careful with this, as any of your wrong decisions can lead to data loss, with enormous consequences. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to call a master who will help you in this difficult task. But if you still want to do it yourself, practice first on servers with not very important data.

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