How to correct eyebrows: a new hot trend - eyebrow contouring!

When we hear the word contouring, it only thinks about face sculpting. However, the technique went further and today offers us to create eyebrows in an original and fresh way! Unbelievable, but contouring does its job well here. Eyebrows have always been allocated to makeup artists in a separate chapter, so this innovation can be considered quite natural. Contouring eyebrows helps to change not only their shape, but also volume. Want to master it? Read on!

1. "Laying" eyebrows

Without easy preparation is not enough. First, you need to make sure that there are no moisturizing cream, tonal fluid and powder on the eyebrows. Secondly, with the help of a special eyebrow brush, you need to “comb” and “lay” in order for their shape to get a neat look.

2. Creating a contour

Directly for contouring, you will need two shades of eyebrow treatment: darker and lighter. It is best to use powder, because it is easier to shade.Having a little dark powder with a beveled brush, outline the upper and lower borders of the eyebrows. Do not overdo it with pressure, otherwise you will end up with “marker” eyebrows, as if drawn on a stencil.

3. Filling the contour

In the same dark color with a beveled brush, paint over the center of the eyebrows. Be untouched leave the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose, as well as the "tail". Due to this, the eyebrows will not only become visually more dense, but also will acquire volume.

4. Gradient

It's time to take on the light shade of powder. They need to tint the side of the eyebrows - those that were not involved in the previous step. Apply the powder towards the center, as if mixing it with a darker shade. Pay attention to feathering, without it, a natural result will not work.

5. Highlight

Finally, the last step in eyebrow contouring is using a highlighter. In a small amount, shade it on the side portions of the eyebrows, at the very edges. Also apply it above the eyebrow and under it on a stationary upper eyelid. This will create a contrast with the dark color of the eyebrows and make them brighter. To separate the eyebrows with the same success, you can use a concealer with the effect of radiance.

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