How to deal with fatigue

Just one sleepless night reduces the performance of the brain by 10%, so do not neglect proper rest. An eight-hour night's sleep will restore strength, as well as significantly improve concentration during the working day.
Proper nutrition is the key to excellent mood and well-being. Cereals (cereals and muesli) containing slow-burning carbohydrates are the ideal breakfast. They will energize you up to lunch. For cereals, you can add fruit, cheese and fresh juice. During the working day you should not do with one lunch. A couple of snacks with fruit, nuts or yogurt will add strength and lift your spirits.
One of the causes of fatigue is lack of fluid in the body. Even a slight dehydration dramatically reduces mental abilities and significantly impairs memory. Do not limit the amount of consumed beverages. The main requirement is that they should not contain caffeine (water, juice, green tea or juice).

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