How to disassemble pc

You will need
  • A computer.
First of all, you need to disconnect the computer. What does it mean? Remove all plug wires from the system unit, monitor, speakers, and other peripherals. It is also recommended to turn the system unit back to itself and turn the switch on the power supply to the “O” position.
Now you need to open one of the side walls of the system unit. Take a close look at the mounts that the developers have recently been providing with side walls. If such mounts were not found, therefore, before you is a classic sample. Pick up a Phillips screwdriver and unscrew all connecting screws (unscrew in a counterclockwise direction).
Pull out the side wall. Press it against the box body and push it outwards with a sharp movement. Also there are combined systems - in addition to the screws on the side walls are latches with locks. As a rule, such system units are purchased on request.
Now your attention is a picture of all internal devices. The largest board in the computer device is a motherboard or a motherboard. Devices such as RAM, processor, video adapter, hard drives and a CD / DVD drive are connected to the connectors on this board.
Before dismounting all devices from the system block connectors, you must pull out the power loops from the connectors of all devices, including the motherboard. Turn the back of the system unit to itself and holding the power supply, unscrew all the screws.
Then pull out the RAM. To do this, simultaneously clamp both stops, which are located on the edges of the installed bar.
Next, remove all coolers (fans). First of all, you need to unplug the power wires and only then proceed to unscrewing the screws. The fan on the processor has a special way of mounting, usually with the help of a sled. Do it carefully, because This cooler is much more expensive than other fans in the system unit, therefore, it will take much more money to replace it.
Audio and video adapters are quite simple to remove: unscrew one screw with a screwdriver and press the stop on the side of the board.Now you have to dismantle the hard drives, drives, as well as the motherboard itself. Remove all screws and remove the above-mentioned devices.

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