How to make nails?

Well-groomed and beautiful hands are the card of every woman. Therefore, when the nails become brittle and begin to separate, the girls try to strengthen them by any means. Begin to take biotin, use medicinal varnishes, make baths of sea salt or put home masks with various ingredients. Not always such methods give the desired result.

Relatively recently, beauty salons began to conduct a new procedure, like sealing nails. Few of the ladies managed to meet her. Therefore, today we decided to tell you more about this unique and effective care.

Rid of brittleness

Sealing nails is a procedure for applying special medicinal substances to the plate, which subsequently restore and strengthen it. These components create a protective film that does not wash for 2-3 weeks. After repeated sessions (at least 3), such visible changes are observed as:

Not everyone can afford

In addition to the obvious advantages in this procedure, there are some drawbacks:

Indications for

If your nails are often exfoliated, and you cannot grow the desired length, the sealing technology is just a salvation for you. In addition, the method is ideal for girls who want their nails to recover more quickly after a buildup. Also, indications for such a session are age-related changes in which the appearance of the plate deteriorates, a yellowish tint appears, the natural luster disappears, irregularities and cracks appear.

Those who can boast of healthy nails, it is also desirable to periodically conduct such sessions as a preventive measure.

Now that it becomes clear what the concept of “sealing” is fraught with and what it is done for, it is time to voice the most effective types of this technology and how they are carried out.

Beekeeping product

Apply wax. Its composition is rich in vitamins and minerals that penetrate into the nail plate and improve its condition.

This technology consists of 7 stages:

  1. Removed old varnish.
  2. The file is attached to the plate in the desired shape.
  3. The entire surface is polished with a suede buff.
  4. A warm bath with sea salt is made (7-10 minutes).
  5. Apply a base cosmetic oil to moisturize.
  6. Then a large amount of a brush is applied on the basis of wax.
  7. Again, the whole surface is buffed with a buff so that the plate warms up and the product is absorbed better (at least one minute is expended for each nail).

If you are allergic to bee products, this method does not suit you.

Natural and without allergies

Use of biogel. This material is harmless and has natural components, since it is made from teak resin. Biogel also make extensions.

We now describe in stages how the session is conducted:

  1. The hands are treated with an antiseptic.
  2. The surface is cleaned with a nail file.
  3. Biogel is applied.
  4. Hands hold for 2 minutes under a UV lamp.
  5. One more layer of biogel is applied and dried again under the appliance.
  6. At the end of the session is applied caring cream.

Biogel, unlike wax, does not cause allergic manifestations.

No less useful

Mineral method.This technology uses a special paste, which contains various minerals.

Here's how the session proceeds:

  1. The product is applied with a stick on a polished surface.
  2. With the help of suede baf, the mineral paste is sealed.
  3. At the end, rubbed cosmetic oil.

Firming composition

Keratin method. The nail plate, like hair, basically consists of keratin, so this technology, first of all, is aimed at strengthening it.

In addition to the main ingredient, the composition contains wax and mineral paste. The application procedure is similar to the wax method.


  • Sealing is carried out in 5-6 days after the manicure.
  • Lacquer can be used only for 2-3 days, but for maximum results, it is better to do without it, while the remedy is applied.
  • Repeated procedure is recommended to do in 2-3 weeks.

Fully restore the nails and strengthen them succeed in 3-4 months of regular sessions. And then you will be able to do without an artificial extension and grow such a length that you have long dreamed of.

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