How to download the press at home

How to download the press at home

How to download the press at home

Mens sana in corpore sano "- this statement has been known to everyone since childhood, however, in Russian translation from Latin:" In a healthy body, a healthy mind! "It should be noted that in recent years our young people are trying to devote more and more time and energy to their health, and trying to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle. Alas, it has long ceased to be fashionable to smoke, alas, not everyone follows this fashion ... Naturally, not everyone has the opportunity to go to gyms and fitness centers. However, perhaps something can interfere with doing exercises at home: for example, to pump your abs, perform elementary morning exercises, or perform a morning run - the main desire! Today I would like to talk about how to properly press the press, because this rather simple exercise is very effective in maintaining shape at any age.



Many would now like to know how to build a press at home.But after all, few people know how to do it right, but it is important to be aware of some points. Since improper performance of exercises may well not bring the desired effect, but even can cause feelings of discomfort, and sometimes pain in the back area.



At the beginning it is very important to study the theory of how to swing the press. In the front muscles of our abdominal cavity, it is customary to distinguish between the lower press and the upper press. In any kind of abdominal exercises, both parts are involved, and with them the spinal muscles. However, thanks to certain techniques, there is the possibility of accented distribution of the main load on the top, as well as on the bottom. Therefore, in order to train the lower press, there are exercises that include lifting the legs, and it is customary to train the upper press by performing exercises with elements of lifting the upper body. In addition, when performing exercises, it is very important to distribute your breathing in the right way - on inhalation is done, and on exhalation the muscles relax.



So, now it's time to start specific exercises in practice:

Lower press. Position: lying on your back, arms parallel to the body, legs bent at the knees.When you inhale the legs rise without straightening, and after a brief pause, you should return to the starting position on the exhale. Three approaches are performed 10-12 times.


How to download the press at home

How to download the press at home



Oblique muscles. Initial position: supine, legs bent at the knees, hands put behind the head or spread to the sides. On inhaling, raise, without bending, at an angle of 90 degrees feet and lower them to the floor on the right side, touching the floor with the knee. On the exhale, again raise the legs at a right angle and return to the starting position. Repeat the same for the left side of the body. Run the "pair" 10-12 times for 3 approaches.



Top press. Initial position: lying on the back, legs bent at the knees, arms parallel to the body. When inhaling, the arms are raised together with the body and stretch upward, while the loin does not come off the floor. During exhalation, a return to the initial position occurs. 3 approaches are performed 10-12 times.



The exercise cycle can be completed with a series of tilts, thanks to which a light “massage” of the abdomen is achieved.



In addition, it should always be borne in mind that most of the coaches and instructors who deal with this professionally, trying to answer the asked question “How to pump up the press at home?”, Are advised to perform the correct alternation of exercises for the press.In the beginning, it is necessary to load the muscles in the lower press, then the "oblique" muscles, and then at the end there are exercises for the upper press.



And be sure to remember that you can not very seriously give the load on your body, even if you are aware of how to properly press the press at home and how to work out in the gym. You need to start small and gradually try to increase the intensity and duration of the exercises and in no case can you expect the result instantly. Even after several days and even weeks of training, you can hardly notice a very big difference or dramatic changes. The secret of an attractive press lies in regular workouts - patient workouts will certainly benefit, and after a while you will notice the result, be able to raise the overall tone of your body and strengthen your immunity!



On the Internet you can find a lot of videos on how to download a press with various sets of exercises and recommendations.

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