How to draw a schedule

To build a graph of a function, you must first examine it. The first thing to do is to find the domain of definition of the function, examine it for breaks, find out the break points, if any.
Determine at which points the graph of the function will cross the coordinate axes. To do this, alternately equate x and y with zero and substitute the function into the equation.
Check the function for evenness and oddness, so you determine the axis of symmetry of the function. Determine whether the function is periodic (trigonometric functions are periodic) and determine its period.
Find the first derivative of the function and determine the minimum and maximum points (extremes). Investigate the behavior of the function between them, in which intervals it decreases, and in which it increases.
Find the second derivative of the function and calculate the inflection points. Investigate the function between them at intervals of concavity and convexity.
Determine the oblique asymptote equations. Build a graph based on all the above information.

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