How to eliminate pain in the sternum

Pain associated with pathology of the cardiovascular system

Pain in myocardial pressure, compressing, does not pass a long time. You can eliminate it by taking nitroglycerin inside. If the pain does not disappear when you take it again, then “Promedol” or “Morphine” is administered subcutaneously, and “Atropine” and “Cordiamine” are also prescribed in parallel. To relieve pain, you can use "Fentanyl" in the form of a solution for intravenous administration and physiological solution of sodium bicarbonate.
If the pain is triggered by angina, then it has a pressing character, but is quickly stopped by nitroglycerin for 2 to 5 minutes. Often this pain radiates to the arm or shoulder on the left side and is accompanied by shortness of breath. Relief for angina pectoris pain includes a decrease in physical exertion.
The pain caused by pericarditis is similar to that of stenocardia, but it is more severe and sharp. The pain is aggravated by coughing. The causes of its occurrence are infectious diseases.The relief of pain in this case is carried out by taking analgesics, such as "Ibuprofen", "Indomethacin" or "Diclofenac."

Pain associated with other diseases

Pain syndrome may result from injuries sustained in injuries. Most often, pain occurs as a result of spontaneous pneumothorax. The pain increases with inhalation. In addition, it is characterized by low pressure, dizziness, loss of consciousness. Elimination of pain in this case requires the introduction of morphine and aspirin. It is advisable to carry out a pleural puncture and oxygen therapy.
Another cause of pain in the sternum is thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery. With her, the pain can be localized in any part of the sternum, depending on the location of the thrombus. Treatment includes Warfarin, Streptokinase, that is, substances that dissolve a blood clot.
Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, peptic ulcer, can cause pain. When her pain is directly related to the use of food and occur after it is taken. Pain relief is relieved by prescribing antisecretory drugs, such as Omeprazole, Ranitidine or Famotidine, bismuth, Pirenzepine, and of course antacids.With perforation and perforation of the ulcer, when there is intolerable pain like a dagger, surgical intervention is indicated.
The way to eliminate pain depends on the underlying disease that caused it.

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