How to ensure information security

You will need
  • - Firewall;
  • - anti-virus software;
  • - mail filters.
You need to create a protection scheme for your computers to prevent the possibility of unwanted information leakage. Start by setting up a quality firewall. To do this, you can use either a special router or a regular computer with software installed on it.
Practice shows that configuring a router table is much more difficult than configuring a specific program. Configure the selected utility to ensure maximum protection of your information.
Be sure to install an additional Firewall program. In this case, it is recommended to allow data transmission only according to the protocols that are actually used by network computers. Pay particular attention to setting the NETBIOS area.It is most vulnerable to external attacks.
Configure email filtering options. Many virus programs are implemented in the network of the company through mail protocols. First, the virus penetrates the computer of a regular user, and only then spreads through the network and collects the necessary information. Mail filters must be able to recognize virus code in both regular files and archived data. Its function should include the ability to automatically change the file extension. Another feature of the mail filter is scanning HTML code and analyzing Java script.
Install antivirus software. In this case, we are talking not only about the Internet access server, but about all the computers that make up your network. Be sure to configure each network computer. It’s best not to give users admin rights.
It is important to understand that most of the measures that make it possible to qualitatively protect important information do not require large financial expenditures. In addition, it is much easier to establish high-quality network protection than to constantly correct the effects of intruders entering the system.

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