How to escape during an earthquake

Literate actions during an earthquake can save the lives of people who do not panic and do not give up at this moment. To panic at this time is the most common and fatal mistake, leading to a huge number of human victims. If in the region there are shocks of a particular force, then special seismic services are required to notify the local population. In this case, the best option would be to leave the region in advance with an expected earthquake than to be caught off guard after some time. If the earth wobbles have already begun, then it will not be possible to run far away from them. In this case, you will only have to survive, but not anyhow, but competently and harmoniously!
On the upper floors of residential buildings at this moment there is swinging of chandeliers, glass shake is heard, furniture begins to move, dishes fall to the floor, etc. At this time it is not recommended to shout in order not to create a massive panic.Immediately you need to find the safest place in the apartment: for this you can hide under the table, climb under the bed, etc. In this case, the objects will fall not on a person, but on his temporary "shelter", this will reduce the risk of injury. Rescuers advise at such moments to occupy the inner corner in the apartment, which is the safest in high-rise buildings. The fact is that in case of destruction, the external walls of the building are the first to collapse.
It is strictly forbidden to run out of high rises during shocks. Chances are high that stairways will begin to fall at this time. In addition, at this time you can not use the elevator. Experts summarize that during an earthquake, the main crush and panic of high-rise residents is created just by elevators and stairs. To avoid numerous victims, it is necessary to avoid these places, hiding in apartments or going through emergency exits, which are available in some high-rise buildings. According to the rules of behavior during an earthquake, you can not leave their homes during shocks - the walls can collapse, and the wreckage - pin down run-out people.Any movement towards the street is made only in the intervals between shocks.
If an earthquake caught people in cottages or in low houses, then you should leave them as soon as possible. The fact is that the walls of low buildings usually do not withstand the forces of this element, so a long stay in them can be dangerous. However, it is possible to run out of such buildings only in the intervals between shocks. Having left home, it is necessary to find a place distant from the buildings, excluding the ingress of debris on the head.
Of course, to be on the street during pushes is more pleasant and safer than being at the same moment within four walls. However, even on the street no one is immune from the unpleasant effects of an earthquake. To escape from the earthquake on the street, you need to run away from all the existing buildings and power lines to a safe distance. In no case can not enter the underground passages. Being in public or private transport, do not panic. It is necessary to stop your car or wait for a full stop of transport and to leave it in an organized way.

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