How to fill the water heating system

Preparing to fill the system with water

After the installation of the heating system is completed, as well as for preventive purposes, the pipes and radiators should be washed once a year. To eliminate the accumulated air conduct hydraulic test. After all the flushing and testing of the system under pressure has been carried out, it is necessary to check all the elements and components for leaks. Before starting to fill the taps. Haste in the implementation of this procedure is not needed.
Filling the coolant is carried out in stages. First of all, in those areas that are closest to the coolant. Filling begins from the lower nodes, gradually, as the air is filled and removed, they move to the upper points.

Calculation of the amount of water in the heating system

Draining and filling the water in the heating system is often a necessary measure. To do this, you must correctly calculate the speed of the equipment and the size of the heating system.In order to find out how much water needs to be poured into the system, it is necessary to measure the diameter of the pipes and the length of the pipeline. In addition, you will need information about the number of sections in the radiators and the capacity of all elements of the heating system.
Denote the volume of water in radiators P, boiler K, expansion tank B, pipes T.
The formula is simple: B + K + P * C (number of sections) + T * M (pipeline length in meters) + 20%

Checking the quality of filling the heating system

In the places of passage of the coolant, it is desirable to install a water meter. Based on the calculations, the exact amount of water that must be fed into the system is known. According to the meter readings, it is possible to judge how much liquid is already in the system. The technology of filling the system with coolant is as follows: at the same time, 4 valves of the boiler are opened. Water is supplied to the lowest point with a hose connected to a tap, and water is supplied to the boiler through pipes. The water entering through the return pushes the air upwards.
In a private house, the discharge of water is reduced to shutting off the tap and draining water through a hose into the water receiver. To drain the water from the radiators you need to carefully open the drain valves.Now tightly close all the drain valves and supply water to the expansion tank. All procedures: draining and filling, are carried out carefully to avoid water hammer. In the radiators during the filling air will accumulate, which should be released.

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