How to find out the TCI?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
February 28, 2013
How to find out the TCI?

The abbreviation TCI stands for thematic citation index and is one of the indicators of the authority of the site in the Yandex search system. CY depends on the quality (weight) of links to the site coming from other resources. For this parameter, the number of links and the thematic proximity of the site and the resources that refer to it matter.

Site owners are interested in the TIC of their web resource to be as large as possible. But how to find out the site's CY?

  • Enter in the browser http: ⁄⁄⁄cycounter? XXXXXX.XX, where XXXXXX.XX is the address of your site. As a result, you will receive an icon with your TCI. If there are numbers in it, this is the value of the TIC, if the CY is the TIC of the resource is '0'.
  • Determine through the Yandex directory. To do this, enter http: ⁄⁄ / yca / cy / ch / XXXXXX.XX /, where instead of XXXXXX.XX - url site. In response, get the resource TIC.
  • Popular and a method that is used by those who are interested in how to find out the TCI. This can be done through a third-party site -, or. Enter the site address in the box. Among the data obtained will be the TCI.
  • Use the site auditor program, which will allow you to find out the CY and other necessary information about the resource.

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