How to fix the scent of perfume for the whole day? Very simple trick

  • Anonymous

    Just need to choose a normal perfume.

  • Gulnara

    I liked the advice

  • Alice

    I will put Vaseline on my neck, then I will wear a scarf and it will be in fatty
    greasy stains.

  • Anonymous

    The brain in 15 minutes does not perceive the smell, but the surrounding ones are stifled by the often offensive odors .. Especially in the elevator.

  • Catherine

    When the fragrance suits you, you quickly cease to feel it, unlike others. Therefore, many complain, they say, unstable spirits, and pour them on themselves with buckets, and the people around, as already mentioned above, suffer. faint in public transport.

  • Anonymous

    Just give your surroundings a perfume or cologne which you like.

  • Maria

    you will walk like a skunk all day

  • Anonymous

    not necessarily petroleum jelly, you can cream.

  • Larissa

    Great advice

  • Anonymous

    For this, oil perfume has long been invented.

  • Svetlana

    I like it!


    Now there is a rarity the smell of perfume in transport, mostly a terrible smell of smelly cigarettes (bomzhatsky spirit) and sweat, ffu ... It would be better for spirits to splash ..

  • Anonymous

    I like it

  • Anonymous

    Zina must be daily a mouse from the very oregano spirits

  • Anonymous

    Without perfume, life is not life, the main thing is to have a delicate scent !!!

  • To go crazy if you breathe even a pleasant aroma all day long. And if it carries something from someone, especially on the whole bus, it's terrible!

  • Anonymous

    On the bus: “.. from the lady in the pink manto she smells Chanel number 5, from the gentleman in the suit smells like Fahrenheit .. the homeless comes and everyone starts to smell the same

  • Anonymous

    About the bomb - that's right. . .

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