How to fold a barbecue

StationaryB-B-Qcan be installed on a strip foundation. Brick walls should be half-brick in thickness. The masonry is made in the shape of the letter U. The grill and the tray for charcoal must be installed on the brackets, which are installed in the joints between the bricks at the required height. You can also make a grid on the ledges of bricks, which are laid at a right angle to the wall. Do not forget about the organization of the working surface. It should be done in the immediate vicinity of the cooking zone. The upper part of this surface can be made of plywood, planks or concrete paving slabs.
The basic design can be extended. For this you need to build additional baseboard walls. They will then be supported by a new working surface. If you slightly raise the walls, you can organize a tabletop made of wood or tiles. As a result, people will be able to be located in close proximity to the place of cooking.
Before puttingB-B-Q, it is necessary to prepare a strip foundation. For this purpose it is best to use boards and marking cords. They need to be tensioned so that the position of the future wall can be seen.B-B-Q. After that it is necessary to apply a trowel layer of the solution on the prepared strip foundation along one of the walls. Then grooves are made on the solution layer. Then you can start laying the first row of bricks. Using a level you can check its horizontal position.
Then the second row is laid. It is recommended to start it from a half of a brick split across to create a spoon dressing. The following rows are stacked with half a brick.

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