How to get a deferment on loans

You will need
  • statement;
  • documents confirming your financial difficulties
Getting a deferment of debt repayment to the bank received a rather lyrical name - "credit holidays". However, before you go on vacation, you need to thoroughly examine the question: "how can this be done at all". There is a situation: the person had a prestigious and well-paid job, and at that moment he decided to take a loan to buy a car or real estate. Designed, paid monthly. But the situation in the world has changed, and he was fired. And the loan remained. In this case, he may try to ask the bankdefermenton loan repayment. If, of course, this is also provided for in the financial institution where he borrowed, or, especially, in his contract.
How to get <strong> deferment </ strong> for <b> loans </ b>
In order for the bank to meet you, it must be warned about your temporary financial difficulties. But you need to do this while you still have no overdue debts. In order to issue a payment exemption on time,You need to write a statement. And to him it is necessary to attach documents confirming your plight. By the way, the reason for the delay can be not only the loss of a source of income. You can also contact the bank if you yourself or your family members are seriously ill, and money is needed for treatment in the first place. In addition, the bank will meet you if you are robbed or a natural disaster has occurred, which has prevented you from repaying the debt obligations on time.
How to get <strong> deferment </ strong> for <b> loans </ b>
The period for which you can provide exemption from the fulfillment of their financial obligations, is individual in each particular case. And it can be from 1-2 months to a year. But it depends on how bad you are. The bank will assess your financial condition and determine for how long it can allow you to “rest” from paying the debt. It is also necessary to take into account the option that, basically, banks give you a "credit holiday" only to pay the principal debt, and you still have to repay the amount of incoming interest on a monthly basis. As a rule, if the loan was a mortgage or for the purchase of a car, it is the percentages that make up the majority of the payment.However, in some cases, banks still can afford to freeze all payments for a certain period.

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