Things You Need To Know Before Applying For Midwifery

How to Get Into Midwifery

If you would like to be a midwife you need to get good grades at high school, especially in maths, english and science. You need to get at least 5 grade C's or above in your GCSE's. You will then have to attend college and do either 3 A-Levels or the equivalent. Work experience in a hospital or caring environment is important too.


  1. Aim to get at least 5 GCSE's at grade A-C, in English, Maths and science.
  2. Go to college after this and study A-levels, a science subject or health subject would be better than say studying French which isn't relevant to midwifery.You will need either 3 A levels and 5 GCSE's at grade A-C including maths, science and english, or an access to HE course if you are a mature student with no recent qualifications. Access to health course is the same as having just over 3 A levels.
  3. Try to get some work experience in a caring environment like a nursing home, or on a maternity ward.Universities like their students to have a little work experience.
  4. When applying to uni make sure you personal statement really shines.This is what will make you stand out from the rest of the applicants. Tell them why you want to be a midwife, what you have to offer, and any work experience you might have. Try to make your personal statement worth reading. But don't ramble on about your favourite TV show or your favourite food as they will not want to know.
  5. If you get accepted at your uni.It will be a 3 year degree course as the diploma has been phased out. It is going to be a lot of hard work, but if it what you want then go for it.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    Is there an age limit to a midwifery course?
    Leanne Hunter
    Community Answer
    Most universities set a lower age limit of 19 years, but there is no longer an upper age limit, due to discrimination laws. Many midwifery students are classed as mature students, so you are never too old.
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  • If I am in another country and wants to go school in the USA to do direct entry. Will I be allowed?
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  • Sort out any childcare before you start the degree. You will be working a lot of hours in a placement as well as studying at uni. So if you have children and have nobody to watch them reliable childcare will be essential.
  • Make sure you sell yourself on your personal statement. Make it stand out and show how much passion you have for midwifery.
  • Don't go onto midwifery because you can't get onto the nursing degree. Nursing and midwifery are different professions. Be sure that you want to do it before applying.
  • Check individual schools for entry requirements as each uni varies. However, most accept 5 GCSE's at grade A-C in maths, science and English, 3 A Levels or equivalent or a full access course.
  • Midwifery degree places are difficult to secure but don't be tempted to apply for both nursing and midwifery in order to boost your chances of getting in. Most universities want to see that you are committed to the profession, and by adding a second option, you may make yourself appear less dedicated. Most people who add an alternative option are not successful in obtaining a place on a midwifery degree.


  • The course is 50% work placement and 50% university. Whilst on placement you will be working long hours the same as what your mentor works. So you need commitment and lots of energy.
  • Midwifery is mostly a female dominated one, but men can still apply and there are quite a few male midwives now.
  • A midwife newly qualified earns around £20.000- 25.000 a year.
  • Midwifery places are very limited. So bear this in mind when you might not get accepted first time around.
  • Beware. A few mentors and senior midwives tend to start 'bullying' and 'belittling' the student midwives because they are either on a power trip or they are under stress so when something goes wrong the weaker member gets blamed.

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