How to get rid of dandruff folk remedies

You can get rid of “non-melting snow” with the help of a cosmetic prepared according to this recipe: squeeze the juice out of half a lemon, then add 1 tbsp to it. Castor and 1 tbsp. olive oil. The finished cocktail is applied on the root system and strands 37-40 minutes before shampooing. This "medicine" is recommended to be used for dry-type hair.
If the hair is oily type, in the fight against dandruff use a cosmetic consisting of 2 cloves of garlic, crushed into gruel, sour cream, aloe juice, honey, lemon juice and castor oil (all components are taken in equal parts). Half an hour before washing the hair, the healing composition is rubbed into the scalp and distributed evenly over the strands.
Normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and relieve skin inflammation will help herbal remedy, prepared from such components: 1 tsp.dry rosemary leaves, 1 tsp. dried thyme leaves, 1 tsp "Needles" and shredded stems of horsetail, 1 tbsp. apple or grape vinegar and 100 ml of water. Herbal tea is poured with freshly boiled water, then vinegar is added and the composition is drawn for 18-20 minutes. Then infusion filter. Use this vegetable remedy to rinse the hair after shampooing the hair.
Effectively struggling with "non-thawing snow" tonic, consisting of oak bark powder (25 g), white poplar bark powder (25 g) and 1 l of water. Raw materials are steamed with boiling water, after which the container with the healing composition is put on a weak fire for 20-23 minutes. Then the drug is filtered, poured into a bottle of dark glass and tightly sealed. A tonic prepared according to this recipe is recommended to be rubbed daily into the scalp.
A remarkable result is the use of tincture prepared from a glass of vegetable oil and 1 tbsp. dry shredded burdock root. The components are mixed, then the container with the healing composition is left for 12-14 days at room temperature, and filtered after the infusion. This drug is recommended to use for an hour before washing the head: it is rubbed into the scalp and applied to the strands.

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